#AuditorProud – A day to celebrate our auditors

Today we celebrate the auditing profession at EY as annual #AuditorProud day is here again! The day unites audit professionals around the world and makes the important profession visible in social media. To support the cause, we asked three of our auditors on their views about auditing profession and the question was – why are you proud to be an auditor?

Andreas Zwetzich – Audit Associate

Andreas has joined Audit team in Helsinki quite recently, since he transferred here from EY Munich office the last August! Organizational culture in Helsinki is a bit different than in Germany, but the factors that make Andreas proud to be an auditor remain the same – these are team work, quick development on your career, and the role in creating trust in financial markets and protecting the state by that.

Andreas states that the auditing profession gives an opportunity to gain a lot of industry insight from different sectors and clients. This is one thing that enables a quick growth and a steep learning curve. He also says that in auditing, you can use all the knowledge you have from different areas of expertise – during his studies, Andreas focused more on finance along with accounting studies and all the knowledge gained has been useful! Anyway, according to Andreas the best thing in auditing is the teamwork. Teams are really tightknit, and it is easy to make friends at work. Especially after the busy season Andreas feels extremely proud of the teams with whom he succeeded in pulling through all the audit projects!


Mira Mulari – Audit Senior Associate

Mira states that auditing is not only highly remarkable and recognized profession, but also very challenging and varying work as you get to co-operate with different clients from various sectors and fields of business. The learning and development opportunities on your career are fantastic and every single work day may bring up something entirely new! According to Mira, the variety of work is the best thing in auditing and she describes that with eagerness to learn, activity and openness for new challenges one will succeed as auditor.

Additionally, Mira is proud of the work community at EY and all the talented colleagues with whom the co-operation is a pleasure. The social nature of auditing was surprising in the beginning of her career – before joining EY two years ago Mira expected the work to be more independent, but quickly the picture of working alone with one’s Excel was changed since the work is mostly done in teams. Being part in various teams full of skilled colleagues has been highlights in working as auditor!


Susanna Kiiltomäki – Audit Assistant Manager

For Susanna, the best thing in auditing profession is its social nature. Susanna enjoys the teamwork and co-operation with multiple different stakeholders and clients – it’s always nice to meet new people to work with! The relationships with clients are confidential and helping the clients with an auditor’s expertise in many different questions and situations brings meaning to work, not to forget auditor’s role in creating trust in society’s financial markets. Auditors do easily get a wide social network, which is important in one’s career and Susanna advises that it’s something auditors should enjoy and make the most of. She encourages auditors to use the diverse possibilities in making a difference!

Susanna is also proud to be part of the community of EY, which has provided great opportunities for learning and development not only in auditing, but also in varying additional internal projects. So far, she has involved herself in Entrepreneur of the Year competition, recruiting, employer branding, co-operation with students, training, well-being at work projects and EY sports clubs – to mention a few. She is grateful for the good team spirit at EY – humor and fun are not lacking!


What makes you #AuditorProud? Share your own thoughts in social media and take part in the movement! The hashtags to use are: #AuditorProud #EY #EYSuomi!