Our employees’ experiences about what’s it like to work in Advisory

Find out more about our employees’ experiences about what’s it like to work in our teams in Advisory! Our Advisory Services is not recruiting Trainees at the moment, but currently we have opportunities for graduates in our Technology Consulting team. Please feel free to send an open application to one of our other teams as well, if you are interested to be considered in the future!


Fritz Björklund, Consulting Trainee, Customer & Strategy Advisory

As a consulting trainee in the Consumer & Strategy team, I worked on both internal and external projects. My tasks were interesting, and I learnt a lot performing a variety of tasks. They included doing research and market analysis for an industry for a project pitch to a client, and then preparing and prioritizing the most relevant insights to send to the client. I also analyzed data from a client looking to understand their operational performance. The responsibility and learning motivated me, and I enjoyed my internship here.

You’ll get the most out of the internship if you are an analytical thinker and you enjoy learning. You will likely have to get familiar with an industry or function that you have not previously worked with, and be able to conduct research, analyze data and draw conclusions about it. This is rewarding, and you’ll be able to develop your skillset and knowledge on the job, which is one of the best parts of the work.


Jeanette Barrantes, Consultant, IA/RT

I joined EY a year ago and have since then worked in Advisory’s Internal Audit/ Risk Transformation team, where I have had the chance to be part of many interesting projects. In our team, we do a lot of internal audit, but also other types of projects related to risk management and internal controls. Challenging, diverse and international are three words that describe well the projects of our team. Every day you have the opportunity to learn something new! There is no “typical day”, but to give an example, our days can consist of tasks such as writing proposals, planning future projects, having internal (EY) and external (with clients) meetings, conducting sample testing, data analytics, and writing reports. In this job you also have the chance to travel, which I personally enjoy.

I believe that analytical and critical thinking, a curious mind, together with good communication and team working skills are key to success.  Having an understanding of business processes is helpful when starting to work in our team, however, the most important is your own willingness to learn as well as having a proactive attitude!


Sanna Vilkko, Consultant, Technology Risk (Financial Audit IT)

I work in a Technology Risk team that is a part of the EY Advisory Services. Our team is relatively new: it was established in the spring of 2019. Our team works closely with the IT Audit team, and part of our team (including myself) are partially allocated to FAIT (Financial Audit IT). Our objective is to understand our client’s IT systems and mitigate their IT-related risks. Finding the best possible solution with the client and recommending the right information security measures is part of our job. Hence, a good understanding of information systems, basic knowledge of IT audit and information security are useful. Good verbal and written communication skills and presentation skills are also needed to communicate with clients. Most of the time we work in teams, so the work also requires good collaboration skills.

Most of my work days consist of client meetings where clients’ IT systems (access management, change management and IT operations) are reviewed and analyzed. Working effectively requires using tools such as Excel and PowerPoint when analyzing data and documenting conclusions.

In my opinion, the best things in my job are the great colleagues and the endless opportunities to learn new things. EY also organizes a variety of activities, for example, a running club, a basketball club, musical activities and much more.


Jussi Nieminen, Senior Consultant, Technology Consulting

In the Technology Consulting team, we work with complex IT related projects and help our clients to develop, acquire and maintain world-class IT solutions, technologies and services.

Based on my experience so far, the days at Advisory vary and every day is a bit different from the day before. Since I joined EY in January 2019 I have had several different roles in projects including sales, data gathering and analyzing tasks, project delivery and project management. The variance of tasks is one of the main reasons I like working in Advisory. In technology consulting you also get to work with clients across industries with different issues which is a huge plus for me.

In my opinion, to succeed in Advisory you must have excellent interpersonal skills, an analytical mindset and initiative approach to working with complex client issues. You also need to be flexible to changing situations as sometimes you need to take a more supporting role in the back and sometimes be very engaged with the client attending meetings and working closely together with them.


Ayan Mohamed, Senior Consultant, Advisory, Finance and Performance Management

In FPM team, we help improve performance of clients’ finance organizations, as well as business as a whole.

There are three main components that we deliver to clients: Finance Transformation, Enterprise performance management and Finance Technology Enablers. Finance transformation includes changing operating models, process development and digitalization/automation. The second component, Enterprise performance management, includes planning and forecasting, concept and process development, reporting strategy and development and cost and profitability management. The third component, Finance technology enablers, is comprised of services to select and deploy the right tools and technologies for finance. The FPM team has a lot of different and interesting projects that help keeping up with the learning curve needed in consultancy. The role taken in the project depends on the size and content, which keeps work versatile and interesting.

As I recently started at EY I participated in Nordic training in Toledo aimed at Senior consultants. The training was a great induction technique for me as a new joiner and I was able to gain knowledge about what is expected from a consultant and what kind of opportunities the role provides. This training and my experience in the FPM team made me realize that the most important skills as a Consultant in Advisory are team work, time management, good social skills, handling dynamic project situations and having knowledge in some competence area to help solve client cases. In addition to these points, eagerness to find information (whether it be internally or not) if it is not a familiar subject will take you a long way!

The commonalities between me and my FPM colleagues are willingness to help each other, solving problems together and keeping a great attitude no matter what.  This makes it a pleasure to come to work every day.


Antto Tapaninen, Consultant, Technology Risk

As a technology risk consultant, I work daily with risk- and control practices related to the evolving technology landscapes of clients. This covers third party risk management, assurance and certifications or attestations like ISAEs or SOC reports. Furthermore, my assignments also consist of financial IT audit related projects, which are usually operated by Assurance people. In FAIT, we support and collaborate with our financial auditing teams by reviewing client’s IT infrastructures. So, we work little bit over the service lines, which is cool. In the near future, our team’s ambition is to work more with emerging technology related risk management by utilizing things like RPA assurance or Trusted AI. Which is something that I relish.

My work days consist of different kind of client meetings, documentation, reporting and analyzing evidence and other information produced by entities. It is very fascinating to participate in projects with different kind of clients from various industries. That is why good interpersonal- and communication skills are needed to succeed as a consultant. In addition, you have to be curious, precise and a good listener in order to understand client’s statements completely. Also, knowledge of different kind of IT or business process systems come in handy, when you work in technology risk team. But, in my opinion the most important thing is just to be willing to learn new every day. That will take you far here in EY.

Our Advisory Services is not recruiting Trainees at the moment, but currently we have opportunities for graduates in our Technology Consulting team. Please feel free to send an open application to one of our other teams as well, if you are interested to be considered in the future! Our Advisory teams are:

  • Finance & Performance Management
  • Cyber
  • Technology Risk
  • Internal Audit & Risk Transformation
  • Technology Consulting
  • Customer & Strategy
  • Supply Chain & Operations