My career journey: from EY Vietnam to EY Finland

My name is Huy Bao and I have been in Finland since 2013. I was born in Vietnam but ended up in Finland because I wanted to do a Bachelor’s degree in Lahti University of Applied Sciences; in Business Information Technology. During my studies I experienced an exchange period on the other side of the world, South Korea. This mandatory internship period took place in a Finnish startup. I also did an optional internship at EY Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City office, for 5 months.

The internship at EY Vietnam came about quite accidentally. I was looking for a summer internship position relating to IT, when I saw a recruitment notice posted by a Finnish university’s alumni currently working at EY Vietnam. I was surprised because I used to think that vacancies at a Big4-firm were only suitable for students with a major in accounting or finance. The position I applied for was an IT Risk & Assurance intern. Two months after a virtual interview and a test, my journey at EY Vietnam began.

Young, dynamic, friendly, and knowledgeable – those are the words to describe my colleagues. In Vietnam I started with small tasks, and my last day ended like any auditors day during the peak season. The internship in Vietnam helped me understand EY’s culture and also the use of EY software. Those valuable experiences made it easier to adapt to working at EY Finland a few years later.

After graduating in December 2016 from Lahti University I knew it was time to seek for a job. For international students seeking a job in Finland it´s extremely tough as I don´t speak Finnish. Actually “Fluent both in English and Finnish” requirement was my nightmare every time I read a job description. So obviously, a multicultural and English speaking EY Finland was my focus. And I´m happy to say, in June 2017 I got a trainee position at EY Finland in the Indirect Tax team!

Although the majority of the work is to analyze data, I was a bit worried because I did not have much knowledge of Tax itself. Nonetheless, online courses from EY intranet and books from the local library designed for each Service Line equipped me with sufficient knowledge for upcoming projects. Furthermore, my colleagues and especially, supervisors, are always willing to help with detailed instructions. They speak English fluently, and, therefore, I didn´t find any language barrier. After the starting date I begun with my first project only after two months of staying at EY. The project was about VAT Analytics, and my counselor guided me throughout the whole project.

Now, I continue working as a Tax Consultant in a new Tax Digital team and feel I have been progressing a lot together with my team. I´m very pleased working at EY and am hungering for many new challenges to come along.

Huy Bao

EY Experience -traineeohjelman haku on avoinna 5.-25.2.2018. Tutustu avoimiin paikkoihin täällä tai vieraile

EY - Huy Bao

Huy Baoemail

Huy Bao is working as a Tax Consultant in Tax Technology & Transformation team. He started at EY Finland last June as an intern in Indirect Tax team. Prior to EY Finland, he worked for EY Vietnam for 5 months in the IT Risk & Assurance team. He holds a BBA degree in Business Information Technology. Huy is working on VAT data-analysis projects.


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